The report on the future of the electronic B2B market published by Marketplanet shows that the biggest contracts in Poland will in the future be concluded under the public procurement law. This is due to, among other, the planned inflow of European Union funds to Poland in the following years.

How to simplify the purchasing procedures under the public procurement provisions?

To simplify the purchasing procedures, it is necessary to adapt the tools used by companies to the purchasing procedures conducted under the provisions on public procurement. This will enable them to avoid some of the typical failures occurring during traditional procedures such as insufficient knowledge about the supply of products and services, supply security assurance, the transparency and speed of processes.

Marketplanet certifies its suppliers. This process involves the analysis of their experience and reliability. It relates also to big entities, but mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises. It is essential, because as the survey by the Polish agency of Enterprise Development shows, small and medium-sized companies say public procurement is the area that generates problems, so that they often give up their activity in this segment of the market.

The public procurement market – the survey by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

As many as almost half of the respondents interviewed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development said that low price was the dominating factor in the public procurement market, and therefore the quality of products/services covered by the contracts was lower than in the commercial market.

Additionally, 67% of respondents indicated that the most conspicuous feature of the market was its bureaucracy and formalisation. Furthermore, almost 60% of representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises find it difficult to build relationships with contracting authorities, which creates the advantage for the commercial market over the public one.

According to the research conducted by the Agency, respondents often have a negative opinion about the transparency of the public procurement market. Almost half of the SME sector’s representatives disagreed with the statement that the procedures in force guarantee the selection of the best economic operator.  Therefore, it is essential that the public procurement provisions allow for the selection of a supplier not only based on the price but also on the quality.