The ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management) have become increasingly popular because of greater accessibility of the technology and simple integration with many highly-specialised information systems. Additionally, they are the source of great potential for improved organisational and cost efficiency.

At the end of June, Marketplanet, for the fist time, participated as the ELO business partner in the ELO Digital Office Congress. It was an exceptional opportunity to present the efficiency offered by the ECM system in different scenarios of every-day work life. Partners demonstrated interesting examples of implementations in which solutions by ELO from Stuttgart were applied.

Guarantee of data security – medical records

One of the solutions related to medical records management. It was offered to a company which provided imaging diagnostics services to entities that requested examinations for their patients. The solution satisfied the needs related to ordering imaging tests of all interested parties i.e. patients, doctors and cooperating companies.

The implementation covered a system for archiving patient records and a launch of the Patient Portal where, after logging in, patients may access their medical records and tests interpretation. Doctors who provide imaging descriptions perform all their activities in the archiving system, which eliminates the possibility of errors resulting from incorrect completion of medical material and tests interpretation. Processed documents are automatically copied to the document repository which is made available to patients via the Patient Portal and to external medical entities that ordered the tests and interpretations.

The solution guarantees high security of the patient sensitive data circulation and the integrity of archives. The implemented tools provide higher quality of service and ensure security of data circulation, which improves the level of user satisfaction.

Improved communication between municipal offices and residents

Another example of a successful implementation was a comprehensive solution on garbage tax collection for an association of 5 municipalities in the Lubuskie province. The provisions of the amended garbage disposal act required an efficient handling of such processes as: registering garbage tax payers, generating and handling of mass correspondence relating to the correct calculation of the tax, and payment monitoring. The implementation covered integration of the several systems already in place with ECM – ELO. The integration included: ECM – ELO with the Sage Forte financial and accounting system, CRM (a portal for residents – garbage tax payers), E-sender Poczta Polska software, payment services, as well as communication IP server (for recording phone calls between residents and the refuse collection client centre). It is important to note that the comprehensive communication with residents related to the garbage act introduction was launched in a short time, which enabled 13 thousand taxpayers to monitor their payments, update information and transmit comments with an automatic recording of requests in an audio format. ECM – ELO has become the main database of taxpayers, their tax liabilities and payments. This successful implementation provides new perspectives for enhancing processes related to mass communication with citizens also in other areas.

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