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Over 13 years
in the market

PLN 1.5 billion of savings for our clients

161 000 suppliers in our systems

Marketplanet is the biggest electronic market for enterprises in Poland

For over 13 years we have supported buyers in optimising their business processes and cooperated with thousands of suppliers at the same time. Marketplanet’s solutions offer a real competitive advantage through cost reduction and increased sales.

We provide a full range of advisory services that release the Source-to-Pay and sales processes’ potential.
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We design, create and maintain Enterprise solutions that support internal processes of enterprises and their communication with business partners.
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For buyers and sellers in B2B electronic market and those fascinated with new technologies we have created a place for sharing ideas and experience.
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As of today the threshold for public procurement contracts is EUR 30,000

As of today, i.e. April 16, 2014, the threshold for public procurement contracts is increased. The threshold for an obligatory application of the public procurement procedure is now EUR 30,000, while previously it was EUR 14,000. This modification is particularly important for typical awarding entities.   In the case of all contracts awarded below the…

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