3 steps to implement an effective purchasing platform in a medium-sized company [infographic]

Are purchases in your company dispersed across various departments? Do your Marketing, Administration, IT Departments etc. place orders separately? Are the incurred costs high? If that’s the case, consolidated purchasing and the implementation of an effective purchasing platform would be the most effective solution. An implementation project should comprise three main stages: An analysis of the […]

20 May 2014

Ekspert Doradztwa Strategicznego. Doktor nauk ekonomicznych (Uniwersytet Warszawski). Od 10 lat zajmuje się projektami zakupowymi. Specjalizuje się w restrukturyzacji organizacji zakupowych oraz prowadzeniu postępowań sourcingowych. Uczestniczył w wielu projektach pracując m.in. dla PKP PLK S.A., Grupa Impel, Energa-Operator S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Client satisfaction as a main objective for the purchasing department

We tend to concentrate too much on the purchasing process rather than on its major objective i.e. client satisfaction. If purchasing departments are focused only on the best price offers, then they will not build the company’s value.

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