Why should procurement and financial departments closely cooperate with each other

Dynamic and competitive economy forces companies and also market leaders to constantly strive for the improvement of their performance. Procurement process optimization is one of the methods for achievement of that goal. Especially high potential in this respect is hidden in the capabilities of improvement of cooperation between procurement and financial departments in a given […]

opóźnienia procesów zakupowych
2 June 2014

Ekspert Doradztwa Strategicznego. Doktor nauk ekonomicznych (Uniwersytet Warszawski). Od 10 lat zajmuje się projektami zakupowymi. Specjalizuje się w restrukturyzacji organizacji zakupowych oraz prowadzeniu postępowań sourcingowych. Uczestniczył w wielu projektach pracując m.in. dla PKP PLK S.A., Grupa Impel, Energa-Operator S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Why do we still build so slowly i.e. delays in purchasing processes

One of the key reasons for delays in infrastructural investments, such as motorways, railway lines or the underground, are delays in procurement and purchasing processes. The major cause of impediments is the traditional approach to contracting in the investment processes, which limits the possibility of actual control over cooperation between the Contractor and Subcontractors.

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