The solution supports the whole process of qualification and assessment of suppliers. It allows to create an assessment strategy, to determine cycle time, and to add evaluation criteria.
It provides updated information from the market in interesting assortment categories.

supplier database


The solution supports the process of qualification and current and periodic evaluation of suppliers.
The system informs suppliers on a regular basis of the results of the assessment and points to areas for improvement. As a result it reduces the risk of working with unreliable suppliers and improves relationships with suppliers.

over 110 000 purchasing procedures carried out using Marketplanet Purchasing Platform

Main functionalities:

  • Creating current and periodic strategies
  • Data transfer between the processes of qualification and evaluation
  • Definition of evaluation criteria for assortment categories and organizational units

Benefits of the solution:

  • The current, verified information from the market about market trends
  • The current assessment of cooperation with suppliers
  • Reduced risk of working with unreliable suppliers

Headquarters in Poland

Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

ul Domaniewska 49

Trinity Park III

02-672 Warszawa

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(+48) 22 576 88 00

Office in Sweden

Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

Augustendalsvägen 24

131 52 Nacka Strand

Stockholm - SWEDEN

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Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

ul. Piotrkowska 270

90-361 Łódź

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(+48) 22 576 87 52

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