The Marketplanet Platform – Public Procurement is a comprehensive system supporting the awarding and performance of public contracts pursuant to Public Procurement Act.

The application supports the following procedures: open procedure, restricted procedure, negotiated procedure with prior call for competition, competitive dialogue, sse of the negotiated procedure without prior call for competition.

Additionally, it may be employed for contracts not subject to the Act not exceeding EUR 30 000. The Marketplanet Platform – Public Procurement supports the whole purchasing process (including consolidated planning for a purchase group).

Marketplanet is the first company in Poland which received the status of OJS eSender, making it possible to automatically transfer created documents to the European public procurement system. Also Marketplanet has successfully completed the EUPLAT – the European Association of Public e-Tendering Platform Providers – accreditation process and has become its member.

Optimization of public spending and transparency of contractors sourcing


Procurement plans

  • Preparation and registration of an item plan for a unit,
  • Aggregation of individual plans of administration units,
  • Monitoring the performance of a contract plan,
  • Assigning liability for items of the plan to relevant units.

Procurement procedures

  • Defining the parameters of a procedure: type of the procedure, tender committee, specification of essential terms of a contract, division into lots, participation conditions, assessment criteria.
  • Publication of notices on the Internet site of a contracting authority and sending notices to the Official Journal of the European Union;
  • Verification of the procedure in compliance with the requirements of the PPA (values, types of procedures),
  • Flexible configuration of the approval route,
  • Comparing and selecting the best tenders based on specified criteria,
  • Conducting procedures for concluding framework contracts.



Electronic auctions

  • Templates ready to use,
  • Auctions might be created using the Auction wizard or by import of XLS and XML files,
  • The application enables to carry out online negotiations with bidders, ensuring full transparency of the selection process,
  • An unlimited numbers of bidders can participate in the auction so that submitted bids are more competitive,
  • It is possible to observe the bids submitted by competing suppliers in real time, which increases the dynamics of the auction, lowers prices and reduces the spread between bids.

Contract management

  • Preparation and registration of contracts concluded as a result of a public procedure or awarding a contract of up to EUR 30 000,
  • Registration of  separate and framework contracts,
  • Managing the content of the contracts through the annexing mechanism and configuration of the approval route,
  • Monitoring of terms and conditions relevant for the type of a contract,
  • Managing access to contracts.


Benefits of the solution:

  • Compliance with the amendment of the Public Procurement Law
  • Optimization of public spending
  • Contractors' acquisition transparency
  • Electronic exchange of tender documents

Headquarters in Poland

Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

ul Domaniewska 49

Trinity Park III

02-672 Warszawa

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(+48) 22 576 88 00

Office in Sweden

Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

Augustendalsvägen 24

131 52 Nacka Strand

Stockholm - SWEDEN

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Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

ul. Piotrkowska 270

90-361 Łódź

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(+48) 22 576 87 52

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