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Enterprise management

We care about your business

The architecture we deliver in ready-made solutions as well as in individually customised products and services are designed in such a way to fully exploit the potential of our clients.

We use reliable technologies

Our solutions are based on the Java Enterprise technology, which is one of the most frequently used technologies for developing advanced business solutions.

We guarantee successful projects

Our close cooperation with clients' teams under the Agile methodology enables us to minimise some typical risks involved in information technology projects.

Maintenance and development

Unlike the companies that take the “hit and run” attitude, we build long-time relations with our clients. In our understanding, the business benefits come from the system exploitation, and not just its implementation. For facilitation purposes, we ensure helpdesk, technical and business support at guaranteed SLA levels.

We are aware that IT solutions are not created to serve you forever. Consequently, we feel obliged to provide our clients with the opportunity to develop and modify the implemented solutions. At the same time, we constantly work on improving our tools as a part of a development plan that is carried out together with our clients.

We decided to cooperate with Marketplanet because of its reliability, unique experience and its Marketplanet Platform being one of the leading Purchase-to-Pay process-supporting systems.

Mirosław Pyrzyna,

Vice President of Management Board
Konsalnet Holding

Hosting and cloud computing services

Using our solutions do not necessarily means IT infrastructure investments. We offer both dedicated solutions hosted in our infrastructure and standard solutions available with cloud computing. We perfectly understand the benefits of this model as we also use the services of a specialised data centre and let specialist companies handle the infrastructure. Therefore, we are able to offer scalable solutions at most advantageous costs.

Marketplanet's solutions enhance the entire process, from the moment of receiving an order to the final settlement with a client.


Data integration and security

From the very beginning of our operations we have dealt with sensitive data of our clients. The security of dedicated as well as cloud computing solutions is one of our key priorities as we find ourselves a kind of an institution of public trust. To confirm the application of the highest standards we carry out periodic security audits as requested by us or our clients. We pay particular attention to the personal data processing. The architecture of our systems is based on the possibility to interact with different applications used by our clients. The solutions we offer support basic standards of data exchange, such as: WebService, SOA, xml files.

Therefore, we are able to integrate processes that are carried out within different systems, and ensure consistent reporting and data analysis.

The solutions by Marketplanet have enabled us to be up-to-date with our clients' purchasing activities.

Joanna Stanilewicz,

Manager, Logistics and Customer Care Department
Reichle & De Massari

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