The company’s challenges in terms of warehouse logistics:

• high inventories in the distribution network and the central warehouse
• excess outdated products in the warehouse
• the need for continued product accessibility for the sales network,
• the need for a prompt response to variable clients’ expectations, related to new products placement as a result of competitors’ activities.

Our solutions:

The project’s objective was to introduce methodology and IT tools for operational demand forecasting and restocking of the sales network of mobile telephony services including phones and equipment. The project covered the strategic area of the company’s sales activities related to the products of exceptionally short lifecycle and high market competitiveness.

Business advantages:
• higher accessibility rates of phone models and services expected by the customers and reduction of capital involvement
• reduction of risks resulting from the loss of prospective sales, products’ value drop
• increased sales, customer satisfaction, accuracy of restocking for individual demand profiles and in particular for the points of sales
• restocking management based on a precise and parameter-customized statistical model

Headquarters in Poland

Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

ul Domaniewska 49

Trinity Park III

02-672 Warszawa

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Office in Sweden

Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

Augustendalsvägen 24

131 52 Nacka Strand

Stockholm - SWEDEN

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Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

ul. Piotrkowska 270

90-361 Łódź

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(+48) 22 576 87 52

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