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Addressing the challenges of a company from the transport industry, we developed a project that was principally aimed at optimisation of the purchasing processes and building of a management unit with an actual influence on the purchasing area management. The unit was designed to develop and implement a purchasing strategy (including in the form of the Purchases Policy and implementation documents) as well as generate cost and transactional savings.
The implementation of the project involved, among others, development and approval of a new management structure for purchasing, development of a corporate Purchasing Policy including implementation documents as well as introduction of an IT system to support the purchasing process for preparation and carrying out of procedures under the Public Procurement Act.

Business advantages:
• measurable financial savings
• increased efficiency of the purchasing processes
• alignment and simplification of the purchasing procedures
• introduction of an IT solution that enables an effective control over the integrity and transparency of the purchasing process

Headquarters in Poland

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Marketplanet (Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny)

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