Electronic communication with suppliers – the beginning…

Today, in great majority, advanced purchasing organizations use solutions that allow for electronic contacts with suppliers. Electronic communication offers completely new possibilities and significantly enhances purchasing processes. However, before we describe its potential, it is worthwhile to explain the term itself meaning “the exchange of information in the manner allowing for its automated processing in […]

What to focus on when choosing a Business Intelligence tool? A buyer’s guide

In properly managed enterprises, Business Intelligence is becoming an integral element of operations. If used correctly, it may increase competitiveness and improve market position.  To help potential buyers, we will explain some essential issues about Business Intelligence, present leading solutions related  to data warehouses and top providers of data visualisation and discovery.

Orange Polska has activated autoinvoicing on OnePlace

Orange Polska has activated the supplier autoinvoicing program on the Marketplanet OnePlace platform. The auto invoice is an innovative solution addressed to contractors who issue recurring invoices to Orange Polska. Upon joining the program, the invoices are issued automatically on an online platform for suppliers, and next are transmitted to the Orange accounting system. Once […]

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