The 4 most important technological trends in B2B purchasing

Robots helping you purchase, artificial intelligence assisting in the product selection process, items which materialise directly from our computer screens onto our desk. Science fiction? The development of modern technology and the pace of change are strengthening our conviction that the word ‘impossible’ is now nothing more than a myth. The future of B2B purchasing […]

3 steps to implement an effective purchasing platform in a medium-sized company [infographic]

Are purchases in your company dispersed across various departments? Do your Marketing, Administration, IT Departments etc. place orders separately? Are the incurred costs high? If that’s the case, consolidated purchasing and the implementation of an effective purchasing platform would be the most effective solution. An implementation project should comprise three main stages: An analysis of the […]

Purchase to Pay – Purchasing and accounting department in one team

Dynamic technological development affects the functioning of companies. Modern business solutions which are available on the market as well as tools that automate the work are changing the approach to the financial and accounting management. And of course, there are still organizations with a traditional character of management and their main data carriers are paper […]

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