3 steps to efficient corporate online purchasing

Purchasing is the every-day reality for every single company, regardless of its size and demand. This process is not only a constant necessity but also a great opportunity to find savings and solutions that are very beneficial for the company. How is it possible? Thanks to the tools well suited to the needs of the […]

Is it the quality or the price that buyers pursue?

According to buyers, quality is the most important factor in supplier selection, while suppliers’ experiences show the decisive factor is still the price. Suppliers (60%) claim that for purchasing managers, price is still of the top priority, so they are able to accept minor deficiencies in quality. What is the importance of such criteria as […]

kwalifikacja dostawców
6 October 2014

Ekspert Doradztwa Strategicznego. Doktor nauk ekonomicznych (Uniwersytet Warszawski). Od 10 lat zajmuje się projektami zakupowymi. Specjalizuje się w restrukturyzacji organizacji zakupowych oraz prowadzeniu postępowań sourcingowych. Uczestniczył w wielu projektach pracując m.in. dla PKP PLK S.A., Grupa Impel, Energa-Operator S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

A to Z of supplier qualification

Supplier qualification is an important stage of the purchasing process. The buyer’s intent is to obtain information about suppliers and their capability to deliver the goods and services of required quality. Sellers should perceive this stage of collecting data by potential buyers as an opportunity to present their business potential to its best advantage. What […]

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