17 December 2014

Ekspert Doradztwa Strategicznego. Doktor nauk ekonomicznych (Uniwersytet Warszawski). Od 10 lat zajmuje się projektami zakupowymi. Specjalizuje się w restrukturyzacji organizacji zakupowych oraz prowadzeniu postępowań sourcingowych. Uczestniczył w wielu projektach pracując dla PKP PLK S.A., Grupa Impel, Energa-Operator S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Banking tools on the electronic B2B market – where is the potential?

Tools for securing currency transactions, promises or logistic operations insurance? The results of the “Buyers and Suppliers as Value Creators” survey show, which banking tools buyers and suppliers are looking for in an electronic market, and give some hints about the future of B2B transactions.

Building the value and the lowest price – is it possible to combine them?

Where do buyers and their suppliers see the potential for creating added value together? Is the price the main factor in their cooperation and supersedes any other aspects? The report’s findings illustrate the approaches of the two transactional sides towards creating shared value and the differences between them. The price remains most important The main […]

Is it the quality or the price that buyers pursue?

According to buyers, quality is the most important factor in supplier selection, while suppliers’ experiences show the decisive factor is still the price. Suppliers (60%) claim that for purchasing managers, price is still of the top priority, so they are able to accept minor deficiencies in quality. What is the importance of such criteria as […]

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