Purchase to Pay – Purchasing and accounting department in one team

Dynamic technological development affects the functioning of companies. Modern business solutions which are available on the market as well as tools that automate the work are changing the approach to the financial and accounting management. And of course, there are still organizations with a traditional character of management and their main data carriers are paper […]

Why should procurement and financial departments closely cooperate with each other

Dynamic and competitive economy forces companies and also market leaders to constantly strive for the improvement of their performance. Procurement process optimization is one of the methods for achievement of that goal. Especially high potential in this respect is hidden in the capabilities of improvement of cooperation between procurement and financial departments in a given […]

e-Communication within the Public Procurement Sector

The European Union has long recognised the outstanding rewards of e-Communication within the procurement sector and so has Marketplanet. EU legislator defines Electronic public procurement as “…the use of e-communication and execution of transactions by public sector organisations procuring products, services or commissioning construction works,”. e-Communication at all stages of procurement is now mandatory and […]

Marketplanet in the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC)

Marketplanet is proud to be a member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). Since March 2016, Marketplanet has had an office in Stockholm, an extension of its headquarters in Warsaw. The next step is to establish exciting new business relations with Swedish companies, thus moving into the Scandinavian market. As such,Marketplanet sees this as a perfect networking opportunity and a chance to demonstrate our cutting-edge tec

Digital Procurement Seminar with Marketplanet & ValueOne

On the 23rd of November in Stockholm, the Digital Procurement Seminar was held – a meeting for procurement managers. The event was organized by Marketplanet and its Swedish partner, ValueOne. During the seminar, the two companies presented the objectives of their cooperation as well as their joined offering in the area of Source-to-Pay for the Scandinavian market.

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