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Reliable methodology

Projects are implemented with the application of Marketplanet’s original methodology based on our long experience in the field. In each case, our works focus on 11 areas of the object under examination. We analyse the actual situation and indicate targets and objectives of improvement as well as recommend relevant implementations. Therefore, we are able not only to identify risks within individual areas, but also to determine which competences within an organisation need reinforcement. This comprehensive approach forms the basis for our recommendations on achieving the intended outcomes.

We decided to cooperate with Marketplanet because of its reliability, unique experience and its Marketplanet Platform being one of the leading Purchase-to-Pay process-supporting systems.

Mirosław Pyrzyna,

Vice President of Management Board
Konsalnet Holding

We advice and help to introduce

Our approach to all projects is focused on a long-lasting cooperation and we support our clients at every stage of the project implementation:

Analysis of the current situation and identification of the areas of unused potential
Make strategic choices relating to elimination of possible risks
Introduction of the strategy that will result in sustained financial benefits

Marketplanet's solutions enhance the entire process, from the moment of receiving an order to the final settlement with a client.


We support the process of change management

We have learned that similar deployments may not necessarily mean similar results, as changes do not usually follow the same patterns. In general, modifications result from the need to adjust the company’s processes to the ever-changing business environment or, e.g. moving on to the next stage of the company’s growth. We determine the appropriate pace of changes and methodology of implementation for each project separately. All our clients are treated individually in terms of communication or employees’ involvement in the change process. We help our clients to make a schedule for putting the recommendations into effect and set the objectives for respective undertakings.

The solutions by Marketplanet have enabled us to be up-to-date with our clients' purchasing activities.

Joanna Stanilewicz,

Manager, Logistics and Customer Care Department
Reichle & De Massari

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