Key managers

Piotr Matysik

Piotr Matysik


The Head of Marketplanet since July 2004. He has got passion for new technologies. Since 2000, Piotr has been engaged in building e-commerce solutions based on available global technologies. He is the architect of our company’s new strategy for development introduced shortly after he became a President. Piotr gained his professional experience by managing the sales in Optimus S.A. and Xtrade S.A.

Grzegorz Filipowski

Grzegorz Filipowski

Dyrektor Działu Doradztwa

Has many years of experience in restructuring Source to Pay areas in capital groups. He gained experience leading restructuring and implementation projects in the gas, fuel, energy and mining industries, among others for companies such as: KGHM Polish Copper, PKN Orlen, Energa Operator, Gaz-System SA, PGNiG, PGE. He gained experience at managerial positions in the Central Purchasing Office as a project manager of purchasing restructuring in PGNiG SA group. He graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Katowice and is also a Certified Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Robert Bonat

Robert Bonat

Member of the Board

The Director of Implementation. Robert is responsible for the portfolio of our projects as well as product development. He has been with Marketplanet from its very beginning. Robert has managed multiple advisory and implementation projects, in particular, in financial, energy and e-commerce sector. He has graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, the Department of Automatics and Robotics.

Robert Bonat

Adam Jonczyk

Head of International Sales

Adam Jonczyk is a graduate from the Silesian University of Technology and the Silesian International Business School in Katowice. He has obtained MBA diplomas from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. His professional career started in 2000 when he was employed in the ORANGE Group and where he held functions of Business Development Manager and Business Director. Between 2005 and 2007, he was a Global Marketing Manager in the France Telecom structures in Paris and Nice. Adam joined the Marketplanet team in July 2008, taking the responsibility for the B2B sector. Today, he is in charge of international markets sales, holding the position of the Head of International Sales. He has also contributed to many advisory and implementation projects relating to IT and Source to Pay (eCommerce B2B) in Poland and abroad.

Piotr Kaliński

Piotr Kaliński

Head of OnePlace

Piotr buduje i rozwija rozwiązania e-commerce, a w szczególności OnePlace w obrębie grupy Marketplanet. Przewodzi budowaniu rozwiązań e-commerce od 2008 roku, zarówno w projektach ogólnopolskich jak i międzynarodowych. Uruchamiał i kierował projektami online w Szwajcarii, Francji, Niemczech, USA, UK, oraz w regionie CEE. Poprzednio kierował działaniami Europejskiego oddziału firmy RR Donnelley, gdzie przewodził działom marketingu i RnD w Europie. Brał udział w licznych projektach online w grupie Burda Media International, gdzie kierował polskim oddziałem tej firmy jako Head of Digital. Swoją pasję do sprzedaży internetowej zdobywał jako Product Owner, w ramach Holidaycheck, CIO w Pijalniach Czekolady Wedel i licznych przedsięwzięciach jako doradca.

Knowledge and experience

Long experience

Our clients treat us like partners

Success in a business requires a good partner. We decided to be partners to our clients in everything we do. We offer a long-lasting cooperation and always try to understand our clients businesses to design solutions that will ensure the best possible support. We are passionate about examining how things could be done better, faster, more effectively, and we are not afraid to ask why and what for? “The success is in the detail”, especially in the areas of purchasing, logistics and workflow.

Marketplanet OnePlace

We bring together enterprises from over 236 sectors. We improve communication with more than 161 000 suppliers.

We always try to be a step ahead

From the very beginning of our company we have promoted the idea of electronic marketplace. However, at that time, many companies were just starting to set up their purchasing departments, building supplier relations was rarely discussed, while Internet sales was popular mainly in B2C. Therefore, we focused on spreading good practices in purchasing, developing new IT solutions to support the mutual relations of buyers and sellers. Nowadays, the market is totally different. There have emerged many small companies that offer the simplest tools, such as auctions or erfx, and claim that this will allow for building the value – and it is true for a short-term effect. But, what we are interested in are long-term results, which is why, as always, we try to be a step ahead.

Advanced Technology

We design, create and maintain Enterprise solutions that support internal processes of enterprises and their communication with business partners.

Marketplanet’s OnePlace. We create a new value

Marketplanet’s OnePlace is a concept of bringing the purchasing and sales together in one place. It is where a common ground for building long-term relations at a strategic level and transacting at an operational level can be found. Marketplanet’s OnePlace is something more than a system and tools. It is the place for information exchange, finding new business partners and supporting the activities conducted at a point where purchasing and sales combine. Taking into consideration our and our clients’ experiences, we can definitely say that a cooperation platform for buyers and reliable suppliers should be an essential element of the strategies of the both sides.


We work in a young team and try not to act in a routine way that is so typical of big corporations. We value ambitious people who work with passion and are able to spread it around.

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