Purchasing is the every-day reality for every single company, regardless of its size and demand.

This process is not only a constant necessity but also a great opportunity to find savings and solutions that are very beneficial for the company.

How is it possible?

Thanks to the tools well suited to the needs of the company, you can easily and pleasantly carry out the entire purchasing process.

In the article, we will take a closer look at one of such solutions for companies. We will show that there is no need for complicated mechanisms to make purchases rapidly generate significant business benefits.

Nightmares of online purchasing

Corporate online purchasing has definitely more advantages, however, there are also black marks that may cause a lot of trouble. Purchasing staff knows perfectly well what is all about.

Is this an honest supplier?

Does the advantageous price of products mean poor quality?

Will the order be on time?

These are just some of the questions asked by many buyers every day. Before making an online purchase worth checking is whether the supplier is honest and whether the products he offers meet the company’s expectations in terms of price and quality.

How to check it without leaving home?

With the tools that facilitate the purchasing process, we can easily eliminate some of the most important threats. We can successfully sort through the offers from reliable suppliers and do not worry if the quality of the goods will be satisfying or whether the shipment will be delivered to the company on time.

Buy quickly and efficiently

Larger corporate shopping does not have to be a complicated and tedious process, all thanks to solutions like OnePlace.

What is it?

It is a tool that allows you to buy various products for companies. OnePlace effectively streamlines the purchasing process. It was created for medium-sized enterprises that do not need very complex purchasing processes.

It is used for purchasing, procurement, IT, finance and marketing departments. Thanks to OnePlace, we can efficiently carry out all shopping activities from defining everything that is needed for the company to finalizing the transaction.

Quickly and efficiently

Main advantages of OnePlace and Partner account

OnePlace tool quickly and efficiently lead us through the whole process of corporate purchases and generate surprising savings of both money and time. With OnePlace we have access to a wide range of products in diversified prices.

We can, therefore, find products of high quality and the best price perfectly suited to the company guidelines.

Wide range

In addition, OnePlace also allows us to increase the range. In this way, we reach a larger number of potential suppliers with our inquiry than it would be in the case of a classic shopping path. Therefore, the number of potential suppliers who can participate in the purchasing process is growing, and we, in turn, get a huge range of offers from which we can choose the best proposals.

In this way, we gain reliable business partners, who have a chance to become our regular suppliers.

Electronic and safe

The tool allows us to quickly contact the seller, after which there is always a trace. Not a chance to have any problems or understatements.

The entire purchasing process is done electronically, thus saving time, money and paper…

There is no need to convince anybody that electronic processes are simply more ecological. Additionally, making business purchases electronically favors the security of our data.

With OnePlace, we are sure that the company’s data is protected, and all data from the process favors the optimization of company expenses.

Process automation

OnePlace gives us a chance to gain at every stage of the purchasing process. The sequence of actions taken and the manner in which we implement the individual steps is pre-determined.

This results in getting a standard that allows quick and efficient selection of the best-suited goods from the best suppliers. Not only the company’s purchasing department but also the accounting, procurement, IT, finance or marketing departments will gain from automating the process.
Just like that!

3 steps to successful corporate purchases

It is not rocket science to carry out the purchasing process easily, quickly and efficiently. 3 steps are enough. It’s worth to get acquainted with them in order to get through them at your best and gain from the company’s purchases.

Step 1. Definition of the offer inquiry

This is our base. Important is to know what we need and then define specific guidelines on the type of goods, their quantity, colours, sizes and other data that will be included in the offer inquiry.

Do not forget to include all the data that a potential supplier can look for. This will significantly expedite the entire process.

Step 2  Publication of offer inquiry

We publish a precisely defined inquiry and invite potential suppliers to submit offers. OnePlace allows suppliers to self-attach to the offer inquiry. OnePlace is also a convenient place where we keep communicating with all suppliers.

Step 3. Choosing the best offer

After reviewing all the offers we have a complete picture of available solutions from which we select the best and most beneficial for the company. With OnePlace we are sure that we make the right purchase from a trusted supplier who can stay with us for longer if we are satisfied with the transaction and purchased goods.

It is worth buying with OnePlace

In conclusion, thanks to the OnePlace tool, we streamline and automate the process of corporate shopping

With the electronic ordering, we save time and money, expand the supplier base and increase the availability of orders for suppliers, thus increasing competition in the orders.
As a result, we receive high-quality goods and services at competitive prices from trusted suppliers, and the entire purchasing procedure is transparent and secure.

Do you want to try out how OnePlace and partner account work? Try the demo version.

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