Marketplanet is proud to be a member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). Since March 2016, Marketplanet has had an office in Stockholm, an extension of its headquarters in Warsaw. The next step is to establish exciting new business relations with Swedish companies, thus moving into the Scandinavian market. As such,Marketplanet sees this as a perfect networking opportunity and a chance to demonstrate our cutting-edge technology.

SPCC is a Swedish entrepreneurial and business hub created by such like-minded people. At present the SPCC brings together nearly 400 members, which makes it one of the largest bilateral chambers operating in Poland.

The purpose of the Chamber is to:

  • Expand and network for contacts
  • Stimulate company development
  • Disseminate experience and knowledge
  • Genuinely support Scandinavian-Polish business collaboration

Within the chamber, Marketplanet plans to organise meetings dedicated to corporate shopping in companies. By promoting a new age of secure digital shopping and procurement, Marketplanet will take part in numerous networking and business meetings.

By participating in the Chamber meetings, this is also a new opportunity to work alongside the Scandinavian embassieswithin Poland, and the reciprocal Polish embassies abroad who are also chamber members.