Marketplanet specialise in global e-Procurement and business-to-business buying. ValueOne are consultancy experts in supply chain management. Together our e-Procurement technology can power up your current supply chain . Essential for any company in e-Sourcing and e-Procurement.

Attend to see how Marketplanet and ValueOne can help you.

➢  Frustrated with avoidable expenditures? – Solutions to avoid maverick buying.

➢  Precisely track finances – with our Spend Management tips.

➢  Draw on our Purchase-to-pay skills to hone your efficiency.

➢  Do you like profits? Monitor your savings and find areas to cut.

Special guest speaker: Aleksandra Antoniuk, CPO of Orange Telecommunications. Giving a keynote speech on: ‘Using IT Solutions in Source-to-Pay and Purchase Management’.

Seminar Bonus: Unveiling the Marketplanet Purchasing Platform – A powerful application with modules for all Source-to-Pay tasks.

Learn just how the correct IT solution can benefit purchasing and finance departments. Procure from the optimal supply source and ensure a smooth transaction.

Join like-minded people and learn more  at  the Marketplanet Digital Procurement seminar!

When: On 23rd November, 2016.

Where: Hotel Stockholm, Sweden.

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