Two biggest commerce portals for companies in the Polish market are joining their forces. As a result, Marketplanet OnePlace suppliers will also receive requests for proposals from clients of the Open Nexus platform.

The integration of the Marketplanet OnePlace and Open Nexus platforms will enable suppliers at Marketplanet OnePlace to access request for proposals from the platform of their former competitor.

– There has been no precedent in the market for two direct competitors to start cooperation. However, we believe that in this case it is a mutually beneficial solution because of the natural synergies. Suppliers will gain access to a much wider pool of potential contractors, while contractors will have the opportunity to generate even more savings through addressing their tender procedures to an extended group of suppliers – emphasizes Piotr Matysik, the President of the Marketplanet Board.

Marketplanet OnePlace is intended to become a place concentrating a huge base of companies that use this platform to conduct their entire transaction processes: from finding a supplier, negotiations, through placing orders to invoicing and payment.

– We have decided on such a move forward, because we want to take every opportunity to add value for our clients. The Open Nexus purchasing platform is our competitor in many aspects, but there is also a space for cooperation, which we can employ to our mutual benefit. Certainly, we will continue to promote requests for proposals of our clients as effectively as possible – says Zygmunt Kopacz, the Representative of the Open Nexus Board.

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