Impel, the key outsourcing service provider in Poland, continues a project which aims to optimise procurement within the corporate group. The actions will be aimed at maximisation of procurement efficiency, which, at the same time, will allow the company to achieve measurable savings. Impel has decided to cooperate with Marketplanet, the leader in corporate purchasing in Poland.

The project includes the development and implementation of a uniform procurement model, and, in its further stages, the development of recommendations and the implementation of an IT tool supporting procurement at Impel.

Impel Group consists of several companies that provide specialist services for businesses, such as property management, security, business process outsourcing and information technology. Consolidation and automation of the procurement process will guarantee measurable savings.

‘As a modern organisation that sets the industry trends, we follow the best global business practices and implement innovative solutions. On the one hand, we use the solutions which are already available on the market, and on the other hand we shape our own unique solutions on the basis of our experience. For a number of years we have centralised procurement, and we can see synergy in combining volumes. Currently, we have been carrying out a pre-implementation analysis related to the use of the IT platform with the support of Marketplanet, in order to manage knowledge even better so that we can improve corporate procurement’, says Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-President of Impel.

‘Procurement management in such a large group as Impel will be made easier by the use of IT tools. The procurement platform automates and streamlines management, ensuring significant savings in terms of finance, operation and management. The use of such solutions as Marketplanet OnePlace will improve cooperation with suppliers and make it more Internet-based’, adds Piotr Matysik, President of the Management Board of Marketplanet.

Information about the Impel Group

Impel is Poland’s largest group of companies specialising in the outsourcing of services for institutions and enterprises. It has over 25 years of experience in cooperation with demanding clients whom it supports across the country through a network of 44 offices. Instead of individual services, Impel offers comprehensive solutions for optimising the area of work organisation, the selection of technology and personnel management. The Group offers the largest number of business services in Poland in the areas of real estate, security, and business processes support.

Impel Group provides services to 6,500 customers across the country. It manages the work of 55,000 people. The philosophy of the Impel Group is focused, among other elements, on supporting social, cultural and sports projects, as well as taking care of people who need help. Impel supports Impel Wrocław women’s volleyball team and ProCuro Foundation. Moreover, in collaboration with the “To the rescue of children with cancer” Foundation and the medical team of the Wroclaw Medical Academy in Wrocław  Impel Group supported the construction of the new building of the Department of Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Haematology – the Cape of Hope.

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