Marketplanet and SaldeoSMART define a new era for purchasing and accounting. Now companies may benefit from purchasing processes and accounting automation on a new level and further explore the potential of the Internet in supplier communication.

The Marketplanet’s investment in SaldeoSMART is also valuable for the both of the companies as they gain access to new markets and share experience at the interface of the financing and purchasing. The cooperation has resulted in developing a unique solution in the Polish market for purchasing as well as financial and accounting documents processing. The solution has already been made available to first clients.

New quality in the Polish purchasing and financial market

Marketplanet, a leading provider of the purchasing platform for companies in the CEE region has invested in an application for reading documents – SaldeoSMART. The combination of knowledge and experience in the purchasing and accounting areas enabled us to create an innovative solution in the Polish market that comprehensively addresses the needs of entrepreneurs.

“We were looking for a company other than popular start-ups, with certain experience and reliable product already in the market, but which would, at the same time, be marked with natural enthusiasm and a start-up-like atmosphere. All this and even more we have found in SaldeoSMART.” – said Piotr Matysik, the President of the Marketplanet Board.

Companies are increasingly aware about the relations and links between the purchasing and the financial department of a company. Purchasing and financial processes not only complement each other but, more importantly, they interfuse. This is due to the development of software for companies as well as the growing needs related to data analysis, work optimization and cost reduction.

Marketplanet and SaldeoSMART join their forces

SaldeoSMART is an application based on OCR technology designed for reading paper and electronic documents as well as transmitting data to external integrated programs.  The resources gained as a result of the investments will allow for further development of the application and strengthening the SaldeoSMART brand that has been present in the accounting market and has supported Polish enterprises for over 4 years now.

“SaldeoSMART was built from scratch, initially addressed to accounting companies and later to small and medium-sized enterprises. At the beginning, it was a program for an accounting company- an enterprise communication, but it developed into a comprehensive platform for accounting documents management with the option of reading invoices and their electronic circulation to enhance the work of both an accountant and an entire enterprise. With a strong partner like Marketplanet, we will enter a new stage in our development and have the opportunity to improve the quality of our service but also to progress our applications for current clients to provide them with an innovative solution of paper documents processing.” – explained Krzysztof Wojtas, the President of BrainSHARE IT Sp z o.o., the producer of SaldeoSMART.

“For Marketplanet and SaldeoSMART that have previously developed in an organic way, this is a new phase of development. Investing in a company that delivers a solution that complements the Marketplanet purchasing platform allows for mutual integration of the offer and comprehensive support of purchasing and financial processes. Today, there is no doubt that Marketplanet offers end-to-end solutions in the Purchase-to-Pay area that are competitive to the products of the biggest world producers. The joined forces of Marketplanet and SaldeoSMART will enable our clients to gain access to an unparalleled solution in the Polish market in the area of purchasing combined with the processing of financial and accounting documents.  It also an opportunity to cooperate more effectively with enterprises of different size.” – adds Piotr Matysik.

Knowledge and experience inspire the development

“Both Marketplanet and SaldeoSMART focus on the needs of their clients to provide them with the most comprehensive and innovative IT tools” – agree Piotr Matysik and Krzysztof Wojtas. SaldeoSMART is used by almost 500 enterprises and accounting companies across Poland, and the application has over 30 integrations with accounting and ERP systems, while the computer program is available in a partner network with over 100 units.

Marketplanet has been present in the market since 2001 and has delivered its solutions to clients in the CEE region. In March 2016, the company launched an office in Sweden. Marketplanet’s clients include ORANGE Polska, Tauron Polska Energia, KGHM Polska Miedź, OGP Gaz System, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, mBank, Konsalnet and WorkService. Marketplanet is a leader in providing solutions that support purchasing management in companies and a pioneer of the fast developing segment of business transactions based on cloud processing model (OnePlace) in the Polish market.

The investment in SaldeoSMART is an element of the Marketplanet’s long-term development strategy, which is aimed at both expanding to foreign markets and addressing its offer to new areas within companies.


Initiated in 2009, BrainSHARE IT Sp. z o.o. started its activities in the market of accounting companies with an innovative solution for the accountant-client communication. Relying on the acquired experience and the understanding of issues and specific aspects of the accounting segment, in 2013, SaldeoSMART extended its portfolio of applications to include a program for reading paper and electronic invoices with an option of document circulation.

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