Autenti starts cooperation with Marketplanet. As a result, Marketplanet OnePlace – the biggest on-line commercial market for companies will offer the option to sign contracts, purchase orders or estimates electronically.

 Autenti is a platform for approving and signing documents on-line. Every day, users of this solution sign contracts, financial and human resources documents, resolutions or notes – at any place and time.

Marketplanet is an operator of the Internet OnePlace market for enterprises. Cooperation with Autenti will allow OnePlace users to sign commercial contracts, confidentiality agreements and other business documents.

Integrated functionalities

– As a result of the cooperation between our two companies, the functionalities of both of the platforms will be mutually integrated and offered to all clients. Consequently, a user of the Marketplanet OnePlace platform will have the possibility to sign documents using Autenti solutions. It refers particularly to agreements – said Piotr Matysik, the President of Marketplanet. He also added that after the integration of Marketplanet OnePlace accounts with Autenti the flow of documents both within companies and between contractors will be facilitated.

– The most significant advantage of our solution is the flexibility and convenience of the platform. With Autenti, it is possible to sign documents at any place and time. I am convinced that our cooperation with Marketplanet will result in measurable benefits for managers using the OnePlace platform, while we will gain the opportunity to promote the idea of an e-signature and further extend our business – said Grzegorz Wójcik, the CEO of Autenti.

Advantages for users

Entrepreneurs who would like to use the Autenti platform will be offered individual options of access to all of its functionalities. They will have the opportunity to utilize it for the purpose of cooperation with their contractors and business partners as well as with consumers, whose accounts on Autenti will remain free-of-charge.

Marketplanet OnePlace users will substantially accelerate the process of workflow in their companies, and consequently save significant resources involved in preparation and transmission of documents (Marketplanet experience shows that, for example, replacing a paper invoice with an electronic one generates savings of around PLN 12.5 per document). Most of all, however, they will use the Internet and mobile solutions to gain or keep their competitive advantage. The company’s clients who will be interested in a closer collaboration with Autenti will be offered attractive cooperation terms as well as individual modules and solutions customized to the scope of their businesses.

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