Marketplanet has signed an agreement on implementation of the Marketplanet Purchasing Platform in mBank, one of Polish banking leaders. The agreement covers launching of Modules that will enable the company to automate the entire purchasing process (Sourcing and Procurement).

The scope of the project also includes preparation of requests for proposals, electronic communication with suppliers for the purposes of sourcing processes as well as, in the area of P2P processes’ automation – generating demand, demand approvals, generating orders, issuing supplier invoices and electronic invoice settlement. Communication with the market by electronic means will be handled using the innovative Marketplace (Marketplanet OnePlace).

The operational launch of the final solution is planned for January 2016. At the same time, the company will carry our information campaigns for suppliers to ensure that they are prepared to transact electronically as soon as the purchasing Platform in mBank S.A. is put in use.

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