When individual customers make purchases on the Internet, they expect to carry out the entire purchase transaction on-line. Now enterprises expect the same. That’s why we constantly develop the supplier cloud Marketplanet OnePlace, which connects buyers and suppliers. We make Internet purchases for companies as easy, as they are for you.The potential of Marketplanet OnePlace is not derived just from the technology and not even from the simplification of tools for managing requests for proposals. There are many similar services offered on the Internet. What buyers expect today is more than just tools. Marketplanet OnePlace is distinguished by the fact that it has consistently built its base of suppliers who understand that b2b transactions are now moving into the Internet, just as the mass client market did. To further increase the convenience of our clients, we have regularly adapted new supplier companies. They are often surprised how fast and effective it can be to find new markets and clients.

Marketplanet is the only entity in Poland that has consistently built its position, has provided innovative solutions for e-commerce and has enabled its clients to transact safely – which is of increasing importance in the Internet environment. Suppliers have now the opportunity to use functionalities that integrate their CRM systems with Marketplanet OnePlace, to sign documents electronically and make electronic payments.

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