The Marketplanet Platform v 2.6 is an application that comprehensively supports corporate purchasing planning. The focus of the works on the latest version was on its usability so that it would be as interactive and easy to use as possible. The tool has been designed in such a manner as to adjust its looks and functionality to the user’s needs.

“Because both buyers and suppliers spend many hours daily working with our tool, it was essential to us to make it as user-friendly as possible. We would like the users to perceive it as a tool that simplifies and enhances their work. Therefore, we introduced some modifications to the 2.6 version. We have conducted a number of usability tests with users, clicktracking and eyetracking, to make the Platform easy to use, even though the corporate processes it supports may often be complicated” – says Robert Bonat, a member of the Marketplanet Management Board.

The Marketplanet Platform v 2.6 is equipped with a broad scope of solutions that enable data visualisation and sharing the results with others. Now, users are able to create interactive graphs to monitor basic KPI parameters, to analyse trends on the level of a category, department or an entire organisation, depending of the function they hold.

User-friendly interface

Dashboard is the main point, the buyer’s managerial panel. This is where the user can access the most important information about pending procedures, tasks to be performed and messages, quickly navigate to another language version or enter his/her contact database. The user may also go to the help section with answers to the most frequently asked questions. Additionally, there is an option of the instant acceptance of documents and of viewing the procedures results in the notification list.

Intuitive navigation

Automated suggestions enhance each of the successive steps of working with the system, while interactive messages inform the user on his/her status at a given moment, and on the stage of the procedure, auction or contract terms negotiations.

Flexible screen configuration

To further increase the convenience of the latest version, we have introduced the menu with the option of screen adjustment, moving and closing individual elements and the drag & drop mechanism. Additionally, a flexible configuration enables the client to take over a part of administrative functions.

Extended help mechanism

We have also improved the mechanism of user support in case of problems. The new solutions include extended searching engine, context menu, editable tooltips and the system of emergency alerts.

Supplier’s Internet website as a catalogue

The application of the technological OCI standard (Open Catalogue Interchange), apart from building dedicated electronic catalogues, makes it possible to connect to external supplier’s platforms. An exemplary use of this solution could be an Internet website that becomes a catalogue of products on the Marketplanet Platform. In this way, it is not necessary for the user to exit the application, but enables him/her to select a product directly from the application level.

The Marketplanet Platform v. 2.6 with extended functionalities allows companies to handle the entire purchasing process, from the strategic level, through operational activities to detailed analyses. The Platform users may manage their sourcing activities as well as procurement operations such as purchase planning, market research, sending requests for proposals, negotiations, signing contracts, issuing invoices and making payments, and finally analysing results based on activities summary reports.

Platforma Zakupowa Marketplanet

Marketplanet Purchasing Platform


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