Polish companies spend annually over PLN 215 billion over the Internet. This sum will increase as online transactions allow for average cost savings of around 30 percent, streamline buyer’s work and automate the purchasing process – according to the report “How Polish companies purchase and gain savings” by Marketplanet, an operator of the biggest B2B electronic market in Poland.

Enterprises’ spending over the Internet is 10 times higher than the total value of online consumer purchases. “At the moment, in Poland, trading platforms are used mainly by big companies. On our purchasing platforms, we annually handle transactions worth around PL 25 billion. This means, that if small and medium-sized companies are interested in becoming suppliers to business magnates, the easiest way will be to register on an electronic trading platform. This form of cooperation will in the near future become more widespread and effective” – says Piotr Matysik, the President of Marketplanet.


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One of the tools available on such platforms is Internet auctions. For the last 10 years, Marketplanet has conducted over 100 thousand of auctions, and based on its experience it estimates that buying over the platforms may result in average cost savings of 30 percent comparing to traditional purchases. In some industries, the savings exceed 65 percent of spending. This is due to improved purchasing planning, supplier base management and aggregation of purchase orders, as well as a faster access to a large number of suppliers registered with the platforms. Therefore, it is possible in some industries to reach the savings of as much as 60 percent. As a result, the potential savings of Polish business in the following years are to be calculated in billions.

The President of Marketplanet, Piotr Matysik, points out that using platforms results in reduced time and better arrangement of the purchasing process. The report provides examples of enterprises that purchase with the application of electronic tools. One of the companies, in which traditional paper invoices were replaced with electronic documents, reached the savings of PLN 300 thousand (with 24 thousand invoices a year).

What will be the future of the electronic B2B transactional market in Poland? Marketplanet experts have no doubt that traditional transactions will more frequently be transferred to the Internet due to the time and financial savings as well as the transparency and automation of trading. The same has already been happening in Western Europe and the USA, where the value of transactions over commercial platforms amounts to 20 – 30 percent of the entire market. In Poland, this is about 10 percent of total spending incurred by enterprises.


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