Marketplanet will present its solutions – the purchasing Marketplanet platform and the OnePlace innovative electronic market – at the international CeBIT trade fair in Hannover (16 – 20 March).

CeBIT is the world’s largest international IT, software, computer equipment and new technologies trade fair organised annually in March in Hannover, with thousands of exhibitors (3.4 thousand in 2014) who present their revolutionary products, technologies, applications and start-ups. This annual event brings together professionals and management from all over the world, which makes it the most efficient platform for new business contracts.

Marketplanet Platform v 2.5. – successful and continued development

Marketplanet will present (Hall 5 – ERP, CRM, BI & Commerce)  its Marketplanet Platform v 2.5. This innovative, mobile system, has so far been the most comprehensive solution that supports purchases. It was designed in Poland over 10 years ago and has since been continuously developed. The number of transactions made over the platform is over 200,000 a year, with the total value of PLN 25 billion, in 236 industries. Marketplanet has successfully supported enterprises, in their activities from preparation of a purchasing plan, to transmission of RFPs , and to electronic invoicing. All based on electronic data interchange and application of Business Intelligence solutions.

Marketplanet OnePlace – a common solution to B2B challenges

In Hannover, Marketplanet will also present its latest solution – Marketplanet OnePlace. It is an electronic market, a virtual place where buyers and sellers meet, which creates new potential for cooperation and creating shared value. Marketplanet OnePlace improves contacts between transacting parties – it facilitates the buyer’s activities such as market analysis, supplier selection and payment, while at the same time enables the seller to search for and select sales opportunities or place offers and conclude contracts. Marketplanet OnePlace is the most advanced form of services available in the Polish market.

„We know that the solution we offer to Polish enterprises also addresses the needs of international market, which can be confirmed by implementations in such companies as Orange and Amrest, KGHM. With CeBIT our aim is to further spread Marketplanet tools and progress our international development strategy” – said Piotr Matysik, President of the Board of Marketplanet.

Networking for leaders

CeBIT trade fair is primarily addressed to business and more demanding and prestigious users as well as visitors with a focus on concluding new commercial contracts. In 2015 the fairs will be centred around the fast growing influence of IT across all areas of business as well as social life, and consequently on the IT role as a key driver of innovation. The keynote theme for CeBIT 2015 is ‘d!conomy!’ – as announced by Oliver Frese, the board member of Deursche Messe AG, one of the 10 world’s biggest fair organisers. Frese pointed to the changing trends in IT in the last years, specifically, the big data, cloud computing, social media and security changes that will have a growing impact on both business and the entire society. To learn more about CeBIT 2015 ‘d!economy!’ visit


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