Companies registered with our Marketplanet OnePlace electronic market may receive notifications about requests matching their lines of business and selected key words not only by e-mail or phone but also via Twitter.

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 “We are well aware how important it is to have current market information. That is why we introduce to Marketplanet OnePlace new functionalities that enable enterprises to contact clients in an even faster and easier way. Marketplanet OnePlace improves communication between both parties to the transaction. The buyer’s activities are facilitated at the stage of market analysis, supplier selection and payment, while the supplier is enabled to search for and select sale opportunities or place proposals and conclude contracts.  Consequently, we make use of social media which is so widely applied nowadays as a channel for business communication. We customise RFP notifications to individual features of each company and its profile as accurately as possible. The notifications are categorised by the line of business and searchable by specific keywords.” – explains Robert  Bonat,  Marketplanet Board Member.

Follow the Marketplanet profile on Twitter and be updated with current information about requests placed on the OnePlace electronic market.

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