Openinnovation and crowdsourcing – these are two methods that buyers and suppliers perceive as most effective in creating added value. What about the priority of collaboration for cost reduction? The results of the “Buyers and Suppliers as Value Creators” survey show a seeming contradiction of the approaches of the both sides towards creating shared value.

Openinnovation or cost reduction?

Many buyers and suppliers answered that one of the methods of creating added value was Openinnovation – joint activities aimed at elaborating innovative solutions. This result may seem to be contrary to the answers about the area of the potential for collaboration, because both buyers and suppliers responded that the main goal of their cooperation should be focused on cost reduction. If we take a different perspective, we can see that these answers do not exclude each other. The aim of activities related to innovation may, in fact, be to reduce costs – whether as a result of a more efficient use of resources, improved production/orders processes or innovative and cheaper packaging. Undertakings of this kind will eventually contribute to reduction of costs.

Crowdsourcing – client satisfaction in the first place

The highest-ranking answer among suppliers was crowdsourcing understood as the transfer of work, e.g. on improving a process, to a group of key clients in order to best fulfil their requirements. This illustrates the suppliers’ willingness to cooperate with clients in early stages of the production or service preparation, and “personalise” their offer to satisfy the client. On the other hand, consortium, subcontracting was rated low. This may be characteristic of representatives of large companies that do not need to use the experience of bigger players to be successful in tenders.