Tools for securing currency transactions, promises or logistic operations insurance? The results of the “Buyers and Suppliers as Value Creators” survey show, which banking tools buyers and suppliers are looking for in an electronic market, and give some hints about the future of B2B transactions.

The results of the survey among buyers and suppliers are similar, so we may draw analogous conclusions for both groups of the respondents. The structure of responses is relatively even, i.e. there is no one service that would be more desirable than others. We may even conclude that the respondents expect tools that would enable them to finance or secure the entire purchasing process: ranging from the access to a pre-paid account, through electronic settlement of security deposits, to the insurance of delivery logistics. There is no doubt that the offer of financial e-services is limited compared to the options available to individual clients. It seems that it is less complicated to handle the individual clients segment because the standards of services for such clients are the same, and the only thing that needs adjustment is the variety of operational systems for mobile devices. Enterprises, in particular, large ones, expect a completely different standard of services: an individual approach, unique configuration of the acceptance path or expanded reporting options. Only such an offer would address their needs, but it would also require significant investments on the part of financial institutions.