Almost 30% of the buyers use electronic tools mainly to communicate with suppliers. The second most important function of such tools is the access to reports – show the results of the “Buyers and Suppliers as Value Creators” survey.

Communication with suppliers as the most important goal for buyers

According to the buyers (almost 30% of the respondents), communication with suppliers is the main goal of using electronic tools. The result is not a surprise, considering the fact that the most popular tools among Polish buyers are electronic auctions or requests for proposals that are principally designed for communication or negotiations with suppliers. Fast and measurable effects in the form of savings encourage companies to use this form of cooperation. The survey results point to the benefits of comfortable electronic communication, but also to the importance of transparency guaranteed by the electronic channel. Although enterprises are said to be still afraid of data leakage in electronic communication, it seems that, after all, they consider it to be the key means of contact with suppliers. According to the results, the potential of electronic transactions becomes more evident, and consequently the scope of their application will expand. Placing orders, electronic invoicing, searching for potential suppliers, B2B portals – everything related to buyer-seller contacts is being transferred not only to IT tools but to a large extent to Cloud Computing solutions.

Analytical Reports as a source of knowledge about management

Over 20% of the buyers pointed out the benefits of access to reporting (analytical) information in IT solutions. From the perspective of international companies that establish business standards, such activities will become more and more popular. Apart from the reporting function, Business Intelligence tools will serve as the source of information for on-going control of the enterprise, forecasts and recommendations of key importance for the company’s development in the entire supply chain. It is advisable to transfer typically operational and technical tasks (such as clearing the data or generating and distributing standard report) to the tools and algorithms that deal very well with recurrent and arduous operations.