The survey by Consero: “Fall 2014 Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Data Survey”, conducted among a limited group of participants in the Purchasing Managers Conference in July, 2014, indicates the challenges for Purchasing Managers – the main areas of risk and market tendencies.

Not enough professionals

The results show that one of the key challenges, according to two thirds of the respondents, is the lack of resources required to efficiently manage purchases. Thirty four percent pointed out that there is not enough professionals in the market. Compared to the results in 2013, this issue has increased by 21% of responses.

Cost reduction as the main goal for 2015

As much as 85% of managers consider cost reduction to be the main goal of their departments for the next 12 months. Undoubtedly, this will be a challenge for the coming year. The most frequently mentioned risk was the one relating to cooperation with suppliers, followed by the risk related to contracts.

The survey revealed a significant result of 72% answers confirming that managers fail to achieve measurable cost reductions using sustainable development plans. According to the report, managers are not able to achieve appropriate outcomes and, consequently, may be willing to look for external assistance.

Relations with suppliers improved for 90% of respondents

The report also shows that companies are willing to cooperate with a considerably wider range of suppliers. As much as 40% of managers have extended their base of suppliers during the past year. In addition, the relations between buyers and suppliers have been better. For 90% of respondents, the relations with their key contractors improved during the past year.

Based on: Consero Fall 2014 Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Data Survey