The system of electronic workflow enables a company to effectively manage the access to information resources and reduces the risks related to document losses. The expenses of this technology are incommensurate with the risks that an enterprise faces keeping with traditional approach to document management. Each year more and more enterprises are interested in eliminating of the paper workflow. In the majority of cases, the key driver is saving costs, but predominantly it is the security of documentation processing in an organisation.

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik, a well-known and recognised electrical accessories manufacturer, has successfully implemented the electronic workflow. The company streamlined the accounting documents workflow in a distributed organisational structure by eliminating documents in paper and replacing them with electronic versions. Before that, the company had to face the challenge of separate locations of accounting and purchasing departments. Additionally, to process the amount of documents generated by its organisational units was both expensive and time-consuming. The company decided to change the method of working with documents and use the ELO Professional system to eliminate paper documents. ELO Professional has been chosen due to the system’s modification potential that enables adaptation to the specificity of users and processes. At the moment, all paper invoices are automatically scanned and transmitted directly to the accounting department. E-mail or fax invoices are treated in the same way. In addition, the system follows a relevant scenario of the approval workflow in accordance with pre-defined rules.

The key benefits of the new solutions indicated by J. Schneider Elektrotechnik include:

  • Access to all information resources from any location
  • Reduced time of the accounting documents processing
  • Streamlined system for document access and control
  • Cost savings due to elimination of multiple copies of documents and reduced time of their processing
  • Eliminating superfluous copies of documents

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